Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eeek! Children!

Eeek! Twins! Babies! Little, brand new humans. Abigail and Allison Multerer. I've already learned a few things about them, they like to sleep, they don't like to wear socks, and they will poop on you. And you will know when you get pooped on. For sure.

So...the coolest poop machines ever were born last december, and they are barely a week old in these photos, which is terrifying for one that has zero experience with babies. I would describe them as my "almost" nieces (significant other's sister's babies...) although saying "almost" implies something...I'm not going there. Change subject. Look at babies. Oh and I don't remember which one is which!

Like I said, terrified. But I warmed up to the thing...
And then there's the age old joke that dudes will make about chicks and holding babies and how you're gonna want one now and such and such. And it could be true for a brief shining moment. And then you get pooped on.

Congrats Sara and Matt! If I were you I'd train them to become kung fu warriors starting now.

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