Sunday, May 9, 2010


I looked up the word "offspring" in the thesaurus and one of the synonyms i was given was "fruit of one's loins".

These photos are so old that this kid is probably driving by now. Actually they were only from last January. But still. Hence the purpose of this blog...

Abigail Perleberg a.k.a. Babyberg. Offspring or "fruit of the loins" of Perle and buddies. Which makes me feel old, or at least in denial that friends of ours have kids now and i tell myself no way, they're just babysitting an older person's kid. But Babyberg is really their kid and that's super awesome for them because Babyberg is one cool "babe in arms" (again the thesaurus).

Aaaand last but not least...a dramatic change in expression from above...crying baby snot bubble photo!

It's ok kiddo, if mom and dad go the traditional Perleberg route, you'll have about 8 brothers and sisters to pick on in the future! Babyberg also seemed to have learned the instant gratification that is digital photography, because after every shot she'd run back and look at the camera screen and look and make funny baby noises like "holy crap that's me!"

Okay so on schedule for tomorrow is a self-portrait so I can have an "avatar" (is that what you call it?) for my blogger persona. I haven't done that since school...we'll see how that goes. And maybe some encaustics projects will be posted in the near future....hopefully near...

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