Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caitlin and Don totally got married!

So...if you wanted to backtrack about a year or so to the end of April...Andrea Brinson got married.  Thanks, by the way, for hiring me!  But at this glorious wedding reception, Don Cloutier decides to drop a bomb on Caitlin Brinson, sister of zee bride, maid of honor, all that stuff, and proposes.  BOOM.  I bet you didn't see that one coming.  I know you didn't, I photographed it.  

Fast forward to...present.  And here you go.  Congratulations Caitlin and Don, who now live in Denver, and coincidentally I live in Boulder.  Beer, happily married friends?

*Oh, your wedding was super fun by the way...!  I think that shows though...so look!

Worst.  Wedding.  Ever.

That chair is.........the perfect size for you?

This didn't stop.  All night.

Oh, I remember you alright.  From the last Brinson family wedding...


Special thanks to Eli...best assistant ever.  He does backflips.  Congrats again, Cloutier's''s'sss!  

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