Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah and Jon are totally engaged!

So flashback to a few months ago...seemingly the hottest summer ever...sticky, sweaty, muggy, 90 Plus degrees every day...sounds like the PERFECT time to play recreational softball yes?  

The little engine that could...the best team ever, "I'd Hit That".  After a slow start where nothing would go right and we had about 4 straight losses...we never gave up hope!  We believed in ourselves all the way to the final game...AND I STILL SAY THEY FORFEITED FIRST DUE TO WEATHER!!!  (actually i don't think anybody took it that seriously)

THE POINT is...it was awesome and Sarah and Jon were part of the "I still think we are the champions" team.  (I'm seriously re-living the glory days here...)

After spending many a Wednesday night sweating it out only to be followed by the post game ritual of buckets of beer and garlic fries, I was happy to hear that they got engaged...hence the posting of engagement photos (obviously see below...)!

 AND THAT, is Samson, the most awesome dog ever.  Congratulations Sarah and Jon!  And seriously...we need to get the band back together sometime soon.... 

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  1. So Good! You;'re the best Julie. Congrats again guys!